What's in My Bag?

Article published at: Apr 23, 2021 Article author: Melynda Hensley
What's in My Bag?
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It's always interesting to see what ladies actually carry around in their purses... Personally, I'm a self-confessed bag lady and carry several different bags in my vehicle at all times. Being raised in the South with the adage of "Your purse must match your shoes and belt," I have two bags that stay in rotation depending on the shoes I wear... I'm not much of a belt girl. One is a cognac leather backpack and the other is a black leather sling, but they are both from Latico Leather!

(Latico Hester Backpack and Austin Sling)

My backpack is mostly for work but can be converted over quickly to my everyday bag with a few quick exchanges in the back of my Jeep. But my true everyday bag is the black sling since it's so easy to match with and big enough to carry my essentials while being small and sleek. 

So let's dive into my work bag backpack...

I love the versatility of this backpack because I can use both straps or make it into a crossbody backpack.  

I always have my notebook and my calendar. I know that most people put everything into their phones these days, but I'm still an analog girl when it comes to notes and dates. If I don't write it down, I don't retain it. Hahah! Since we're talking about me being old, I have my Nectar blue-light blocker glasses since I spend most of my time on the computer. 

Since I'm old-school with my paper, I have a canvas pencil case filled with Blackwing pencils with removable erasers and leather pencil covers, which was a wonderful Christmas gift from Lori Woosley, our floor manager.  

Also, I have a little bag from Ipsy that I carry a couple of lipsticks, lip gloss and chapsticks. Plus when I see this bag in my backpack it makes me smile.... Look how cute he is! Speaking of cute, I have these two pins from Blue Ridge Toy Company that I couldn't pass up... I felt like these pins epitomized my loves- coffee and writing!

There's still good bit of room in this backpack to carry the things from my everyday bag, so switching them over is a snap! 

Now, on to my everyday bag- this gorgeously sleek leather sling that can attach at the bottom on either side so you can wear it on either shoulder. 

Keys and wallet are a must in every ladies' bag! Since I tend to misplace my keys a good bit, I have this large ribbon-covered keyring that makes it hard to lose them down in my bag, but also, makes for a nice bracelet to throw on if you need them on the fly.  I love my beautiful woven-leather wallet from Day + Mood, but I recently went on vacation, so all my credit cards and id are in a minimalist wallet attached to my keys for convience. I still have my insurance cards and some cash in my "main" wallet, so it stays in my bag for emergencies- or until I remember to switch them back over. 

Another must-have in this day and age is my mask and hand sanitizer because... well... the Rona. I love this floral mask- it seems to match everything. I have multiple hand sanitizers stuffed in places, but my favorite is the¬†ÔĽŅeveryone for everybody hand sanitizer in lavender + aloeÔĽŅ because it's not straight alcohol-smelling and the spray is super handy (pun intended).¬†

Apparently, I can't have enough lip balm... hahah! My latest faves are Grown Alchemist lip treatment and Pixi by Petra shea butter lip balm in with a small mirror from Kut from the Kloth that we picked up at the last show. Gotta be looking good on the go! Thanks to Fabfitfun and Ipsy! And my other latest obsession- foot glide! As Spring arrives, it's time for sandals, wedges, and sneakers without socks- so to cut down on blisters, just rub your foot over with this foot glide and say goodbye to shredded heels and blisters!

As a lady, we must have back-up protection, so I carry my emergency tampons in this cute little bag to make running to the bathroom a lil cooler. Hahah! While we're on the subject of being cool, I ALWAYS have my sunglasses in my bag- my newest pair are these fancy Audrey Hepburn-inspired cat-eye glasses from Prive' Revaux via Fabfitfun add-ons. 

Recently, I went to the Creator's Corner and racked up on some stickers, which apparently I'm still carrying around. Support your local artists! Grace Nolan Art and Ali Wilkins Designs

And to be completely honest- a pack of smokes and lighter... yes, I know, but let me get my daughter to graduation next year and we'll talk about quitting. Hahah! Also, I have a vape for those moments I can't sneak out for a smoke, so I do try... kinda. 

And, of course, my cellphone.... So this is what I'm carrying at all times- What's in your bag? 


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