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Article published at: Jan 25, 2024 Article author: kimberly Ramey
CFB BooK Love
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   While we all gravitate toward different genres of books and stories; some of us listen while others hold the book in our hands, the goal is the same... "We read to know we're not alone" - C.S Lewis 

Truth be told, while murder mysteries have my heart, I'm a sucker for a good romance, and there's nothing like a daily devotion to raise our spirits, help us stay focused, and remind us to keep moving forward. So, while my reading wishlist is a mile long, but I never miss a chance to add another...Tell us, what are you reading? And what is that one book, that you read that one time and you still think about it, and you could read it again and agin and it would never get old?

Please do tell!

Check back soon for new recommendations! 

Happy Reading 📖 ❤️


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