We Made CBD Brownies!

Article published at: Dec 9, 2020 Article author: Melynda Hensley
We Made CBD Brownies!
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CBD and brownies? What magical deliciousness is this?

Well... I had to try it! So I brought them home for my daughter and I to make together. After some convincing and explaining that the brownies in question were not only CBD-infused, but also, gluten-free, my teen daughter finally agreed to participate. We gathered the other ingredients and began our cooking venture by mixing everything together.

This was our first time baking anything gluten-free, so we were slightly perplexed by the consistency of the batter, but after a quick call to my mom, the gluten-free cooking expert, we were assured that was to be expected.

We did not have a the recommended size baking tin, so we used the smallest glassware I own. We then placed them in the oven for them to bake, and patiently, waited for the timer to go off. Not long, the shrill beep of timer and the aroma of brownies soon filled the kitchen. We raced to open the oven to be greeted by....

well... the flattest, most lopsided brownies I had ever seen.  

And for this.... I take complete responsibility! If I had used the right bakeware, they would not have been so flat. And actually, if they are put in a cupcake wrapper within a muffin tin, they fluff up so much better! 

The contorted flatness did nothing to affect the taste of the chocolate yumminess. They were so soft and very tasty! We added some ice cream and dug in to our delicious treat.

Afterwards, we felt at ease, relaxed, and we both slept very well that night.

Try out the CBD brownies for yourself, and let us know what you think! 


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