Summer to Fall Transition Pieces

Article published at: Aug 19, 2021 Article author: Melynda Hensley
Summer to Fall Transition Pieces
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Summer has been amazing, but Fall is right around the corner. Are you ready for Autumn, but not ready to put up your summer wardrobe? Here are some simple ways to bring your favorite summer pieces into Fall: 


Layer, Layer, Layer

Once temps start to drop and weather is cooler in the mornings, the key is to layer, layer, layer!!! So you can shed them if it gets toasty in the afternoon, or add more layers the colder it gets. 

Denim Jacket

Ol' tried and true, blue jean jacket is one the main essentials for taking your summer clothes into Autumn. Just add this guy to any summer dress, and BAM! You're ready for Fall!



Chambray Shirt

If you don't want to go full-on denim, you layer a chambray shirt over a tank or t-shirt. Same concept-different feel...


Mock Neck Tank

A new twist on an old classic! By adding a mock neck tank to your thin-strapped dress or jumpsuit allows you to layer with a denim jacket on those chilly mornings while beating the afternoon heat. 





Up Your Shoe Game

Just by switching your sandals for booties or boots will instantly take your favorite summer dress into Autumn. The booties gives the outfit an uplift, where boots give off a more polished look. Check out our sale on both booties and boots here.




And To Top It All Off...

While a hat looks great anytime of the year, Autumn is the time to shine for felt hats! Simply by putting on this effortless accessory will bring your summer attire right into those Fall days!


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