Product Care 101

Article published at: Jul 30, 2021 Article author: Melynda Hensley
Product Care 101
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So you took the plunge, bought that investment piece, and YOU LOVE IT! But now what? Remember how your mom said, "If you take care of it, it will last you forever?" Well... she was right... again!  How do you take care of this amazing piece? Well CFB has got you covered.... Here are some aftercare tips for you, so you can keep your new, kick-ass product looking good! 


Gigi Pip Hats


Gigi Pip really outdid themselves with the quality of their hats and how to care for them. If you are like me, and gingerly place your hat in the backseat only for your kids to sit on it or chunk it back with no regards to how much you care for that hat.... then like me, you need some help with re-shaping and just general overall care your prized possession- please click here to check out their aftercare blog and any answers to questions you may have.



Both of our leather bag companies (Day & Mood and Latico) have been pre-conditioned and sealed, which gives it that buttery-soft feel but also allows water to bead off a little easier than raw leather. You can combine olive oil and white vinegar in spray bottle, shake, mist over leather bag, and wipe clean with a dry cloth.  I found a lot of helpful tips on how to care for your leather bag on this website.


 Sheila Fajl Jewelry 

Sheila Fajl jewelry is designed to make you feel beautiful and make your inner beauty glow, but she makes her jewelry easy to care for as well. All you have to do is gently polish your jewelry with a jewelry polishing cloth as needed. That's it! Easy peasy! And you can find a polishing cloth at any jewelry counter.... but here's a link to one at the Walmart. 


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