Mother's Day Gift Guide

Article published at: May 7, 2021 Article author: Melynda Hensley
Mother's Day Gift Guide
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Sunday is Mother's Day- a day to celebrate the woman who brought you into this world, cared and loved you for all of your days- so now it's time to show your appreciation by lavishing her with gifts on her special day! Here's a list of some of amazing options to give her: 

A New Outfit

We just got in this stunning double gauze set that is perfect for the mom-on-the-go. It's light-weight, chic, and easy to throw on for her morning routine. Help her be more efficient with this shirt and pants from the S'Edge collection. I promise she will thank you! It comes in white or khaki- wear together or mix and match!


(S'Edge Coco Top and Cate Full Crop Pant)



We have an array of hats from GiGi Pip that are sure to be a hit with moms everywhere! From the mom that gardens to the fashion-forward mom, we have a hat for her!

 (GiGi Pip hats)

Hand Bags

There is not a woman alive that doesn't love a good handbag! And we have what she's been dreaming of with our Day + Mood or our Latico brand, real leather hand bags. We carry a variety of different sizes and styles, so we're sure we have the "dream bag" for her! 

(Day + Mood and Latico bags) 



For the mom who needs to take the edge of her stressful day, we have a couple of choice CBD methods for her. We have CBD pre-rolls for that "end of the day" relaxation as well as some amazing bath bombs for her to soak her worries away! (And as your mom, you know she worries all the time- it's what we do! Hahah! -But seriously!) All our CBD products are sold in store. 

(CBD pre-rolls- $10 and CBD bath bombs- $12)


Speaking of relaxation, how about these incredible fuzzy slippers? Can't think of a lady who doesn't love a good pair of slippers... Bonus: these have some mud-grip on them for those countryside jaunts to the mailbox or whatnot. 

 (Rally Faux Fur Slides)

The Little Things

We have all the little things that would make her day from picture frames for your favorite family memory to some entertaining candles to several funky jewelry cases and dishes. If you already have a big gift, but just need a little something extra... we have choices!! 

(Jewelry cases and dishes, picture frames, and Evil Queen Candles)


All Else Fails...

If you have absolutely no clue what to get Mom, then we have gift cards, and she can come in and pick out exactly what she wants! 

(Gift cards)




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