Local Lady Icons

Article published at: Dec 19, 2020 Article author: Melynda Hensley
Local Lady Icons
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Here at Cage-Free, we are in the business of building up women and encouraging  each other to accomplish our goals! In that mind set, we are going to start sharing our fellow woman-lead businesses!

Our first business lady is Nicole Kelley of Little Bee Bodyworks.


She's a local to Rabun County, and on top of creating her organic body care line, she and her husband, Scott Low, run Hatch Camp & Art Farm on Warwoman. She's a supermom to her two kids, Winnie and Hank, and to her step-son, Avi. Also, Nicole has done some modeling for us... and we think she's just the bee's knees!! Plus she's a supporter of Cage-Free (note: all her outfits pictured here are from Cage-Free).


Here's her story.... 

In 2014, I was 29 and living in my parents basement when I started Little Bee Bodyworks. My (now) husband and I had broken up, and I decided to stop drinking. I think it really started as a hobby; just something to fill my time. The more I learned about essential oils and beauty products, the more intrigued I became. Infusing oils with herbs I grow in my garden is a dream come true. Knowing the soaps and balms I make are clean give me a piece of mind.
It wasn't until 2019 that I took the plunge and made LBBC my full time job. Pregnant with our second child, I knew I wanted to be home and be creating; making something that I could call all my own. It was so terrifying to leave a safe job with a steady paycheck and co-workers I called family. Today, I'm sitting here in my basement workshop, and I can hear my little girl upstairs talking. My website is nearly sold out from the holidays, and my heart is bursting with gratitude.
I hope to be an inspiration to other women who want to "go their own way" (Stevie Nicks). I hope that if you have a dream, you have the courage to break out of your routine and make something that just sets your soul on fire. I am a Mama, I am a boss, I am a friend. Please continue to support small businesses, women owned, minority owned. Lift up others everyday, because we are all here doing our best.
If you would like to check out the Little Bee Bodyworks Line, click this link to go to her Etsy page, and this link to go to her webpage. Support your fellow woman business owner by shopping local and buying local. 

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