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Article published at: Apr 30, 2021 Article author: Melynda Hensley
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For this month's Local Lady Icon, we nominate Lizzy Falcon, self-taught artist extraordinaire, Lotus Gallery owner and operator, and mentor to many young artists in the area. Doesn't hurt that she's a die-hard Cage-Free fan, and we love her for that!... and for MANY other reasons you will soon see... PLUS: Her last name is Falcon!! How freaking badass is that!! 
Lizzy straight ROCKIN' a whole CFB outfit at Lotus Gallery soft opening in 2020
This Saturday is the Lotus Gallery's Grand Opening (delayed from last year due to Covid), and it's going to be spectacular with several international artists' pieces as well as some local young creators artwork. 
Lizzy has always aspired to be an artist, drawing inspiration from Margaret Keane's "Big Eyes" and Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse- drawing him a thousand times. After doing government work for the past twenty years, she was given the opportunity to began play around with clay and paint while developing her personal style.
Lizzy, her husband, Rick, and her beloved Chihuahua, Pico (model for Picontous), moved to Rabun in 2011, where she met illustrator Jesse Clay and shadowed him for two years. Her artwork has since garnered much success and recognition over the years to domestic and international collectors. 
Exhibit at Noble Wine Cellar in Clayton, Ga. 
Art Show in Portugal 
Her motivation to open the Lotus Gallery & Art Center is to celebrate art of all genres with the community and to inspire as well serving as a mentor to younger, aspiring artists. And she's doing  one helluva job in my book!
Here are a few examples of her mentorship: (click on their names for their art) 
 I first met Lizzy Falcon when I worked for the Georgia Mountain Laurel, and she had come in for an interview for the magazine. Regretfully, I had no clue who this petite, sweet lady was, but when my kids (aspiring artists) came into the office, they knew exactly who she was and were automatically starstruck by Lizzy and her talent! The three of them sat around with their sketchbooks and talked about art for quiet a while. Since this fateful meeting, Lizzy has since taken my kids under her wing and has encouraged them to turn their passion for art into a successful career. And I'm eternally grateful for this amazingly talented and caring lady! 
Just some more awesome things Lizzy does for our community
"In the Dawn" Collection 
You can find more of her art on her website- lizzyfalconart.com or Facebook/ Instagram. Also, you can purchase her artwork in the form of stickers, T-shirts, or puzzles at Blue Ridge Toy Company. 
So be sure to stop by the Gallery on Saturday starting at 6:30- located next to Mountain Feathers Gallery and Custom Frame Shop in Rabun Gap- and see Lizzy,  the other phenomenal artists, and all the awe-inspiring art she has displayed for your viewing pleasure!

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