Happy Earth Day!

Article published at: Apr 16, 2021 Article author: Melynda Hensley
Happy Earth Day!
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In honor of Earth Day on April 22, we want to show you a few ways we give back to Mother Nature as well as a few cool hiking spots so you can see the beauty of our county. 

To cut down on plastics, CFB has a couple of options for you. We have some cloth market bags to use in place of the plastic grocery bags as well as bread bags for your fresh baked goods.

 Market Bags

Rolling in Dough Reusable Bread Bags

Also, we use brown paper bags to house your new purchases because they can be easily recycled. And we take all our broken down cardboard boxes to the recycle center. 

To really appreciate Mother Nature in all her glory, you need to get outside! Here are a few of my favorite hiking spots:

Short Line Trail in Tallulah Falls ( 1/4 mile paved trail- easy)

Minnehaha Falls ( .4 mile with a few stairs at the start and several tree roots- easy)

Black Rock Lake Trail ( .8 flat loop trail around Black Rock Lake- easy)

Dick's Creek Falls (1.2 mile trail with a bit of decline near falls- moderate)

Angel Falls Trail (1.75 mile with some steep and narrow inclines- moderate) 

Hemlock Falls Trail (1.9 mile kinda rocky and lil muddy trail- moderate)

Pinnacle Knob via Courthouse Gap (4.6 miles very steep and several switchbacks- hard)

Rabun Bald via Bartram Trail (8.1 miles of fairly strenuous steep inclines- hard)

For more hiking trails and for all your hiking supplies, check in with our friends at Wander North Georgia or Outdoor 76

And while you're out hiking, remember to always leave the trail exactly how you found it... or better, bring a bag to pick up trash along the way. And if you really wanna help with littering, be sure to sign up for Keep Rabun Beautiful, a community volunteer association for Rabun County Georgia, promoting "Keep it Clean, Don't Litter," and trash clean up events. Another amazing group to look into is the Chattooga Conservancy, who work to "protect, promote, and restore the natural Chattooga River watershed ecosystems; ensure the viability of native species in harmony with the need for a healthy human environment; & educate and empower communities to practice good stewardship."


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So great! Thank you, CFB, for doing your part to keep Rabun county clean and beautiful 💗

Lori Woosley

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