Father's Day Gift Guide

Article published at: Jun 11, 2021 Article author: Melynda Hensley
Father's Day Gift Guide
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Father's Day is right around the corner on Sunday, June 20th. Although Cage-Free is a predominately a women's store, we have a few things for Dad too... and for the mom who fills both parental roles. 

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For Dad


No Sew Buttons )

For the professional dad on the go, he may not have time to sew a button on the fly, but these no-sew buttons will work in a pinch and be a perfect gift for him. 


Starlight Star Bright LED string lights ) 

These string lights may look a lil girly, but as an avid camper, I know these are perfect to string up in a tent or over your hammock. Believe me, your father will thank you for your insight. 


( Lazy Llama Planter )

Save the drama for your mama, and get your dad a llama... planter. A cute planter to remind Pops that you gotta llama love for him. 


( Amy Ballcap )

These ball caps may be called Amy, but they can uni-sex and versatile. For the dad that wants the traditional, plain ball cap but with a touch of taste with the leather adjustable band, this hat is the one for him! 


( Spring St. Messenger Bag )

If you really wanna go all out on Dad this year, this American-made, leather messenger bag is the way to go. It can fit his laptop and paperwork while maintaining a his bad ass style. 


Help Pops take the edge off with some CBD. We have an array of choices for CBD from coffee and soaps to gummies and vapes, but you have to purchase in store. 

For Mom Pulling Double Duty

( Gift Card )

Get Mom a Cage-Free Boutique gift card so she can get exactly what she wants, and she's gonna love it!!  : ) 


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