Father's Day Tribute to CFB'S Main Man

Article published at: Jun 14, 2022 Article author: Melynda Hensley
Father's Day Tribute to CFB'S Main Man
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Father's Day is this Sunday, June 19th. A day of celebration for the paternal bond and honoring fatherhood. And although we may be a women's boutique, we have to say thank you to the man who has helped the most and is the behind-the-scenes guy to most of our ideas coming to life.

His name is Ben Ramey, and he is the husband of Kimberly Ramey, the owner.   

Ben grew up in Rabun County and was always been a man's man- doing all the manly things like playing football, hunting and fishing.

Then he met Kim and fell hard to this cute redhead.

They got married May 30, 2015... and had a daughter on December 7, 2016 named Wylder Jane. Silo Rose came August 28, 2018 followed by Roux Louise on April 26, 2020. So the bearded man became a girl dad... and has easily stepped into the role wholeheartedly. 


As Kim's best friend, I wouldn't let her marry just any guy, but when I met Ben, I knew he was perfect for her and would love her as much as I do. (Because he's basically the male version of me... we share a lot of the same opinions 😉). And then I saw him transition into a dad, and how he would do anything for all his girls, warms my heart for my best friend. I'm so happy for the family Kim and Ben have created and honored to be a part of the journey.  



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