Fading into Fall

Article published at: Oct 15, 2021 Article author: Melynda Hensley
Fading into Fall
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As the chill of the Autumn wind brings hints of color in the landscape and a change of season, Cage-Free has decided to welcome the winds of change with a  revamping of the store. 

We have given the store an updated look with a few, new accent walls and fabricated a fresh, creative take on a fun message board.


Then, we peppered in a dash of subtle, yet sexy Halloween decor as to usher in the spooky festivities at the end of the month, in addition to a couple of ghoulish shirts, mugs, and candles. (Check out our Evil Queen blog)

Also, we have several modern mannequins (with arms and legs!) as well as a few little girl mannequins to model all the brand-new clothes that are arriving all the time!

 So much so that CFB had to expand the Mini-me section to house all the adorable, new, Fall trends that have been hitting the floor weekly.

Speaking of weekly, the women's styles have been flying off the rack as soon as we put them out, and our sizing generally runs extra small to 3X in ALL our women styles. So make sure you come in to check out our new renovations, and since you're here, you might as well buy that cozy sweater you've been stalking on our Instagram. You know you want to.... 

Not to frighten you, but as of today, there is 7 Fridays til Black Friday.  And there are 10 Saturdays til Christmas! But at CFB, we have got your back with new inventory coming in all the time to get you ready for the upcoming holidays. Also, be sure to check out "Christmas in Downtown Clayton" on November 26 to skip the hustle of the big city and support local shops that are open til 8 pm. Lined with luminaries, stores up and down Main Street will be offering special sales and door prizes; Cage-Free included!

I know it's chilly in the mornings, but why not stock up on shorts for next summer? In order to make room for all these new items, we are offering 10% off of all our shorts with code: Boo-ty10 online only.  Click here to check out our shorts collection.

Fly High, Witches!!  


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