Brands We Love

Article published at: May 14, 2021 Article author: Melynda Hensley
Brands We Love
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 The Cage-Free team is dedicated to bringing the brands we adore to you.... for you to love as well. Here, we will be discussing two of our treasured brands we have carried for a while in addition to our brand-new line. We are sure that you will be enamored with these brands as much as we are. 

Bou Cou Jewelry

Bou Cou is an Atlanta-based jewelry line from the creative mind of Becka Cowan. When Becka began dabbling in making jewelry, she had her own style in mind, but once friends started showing interest in her creations, she got the motivation to jump-start a full-fledged jewelry line in 2005. Becka's late grandmother became the cornerstone to her passion- not only as the face of Bou Cou but as a way to honor the woman who shaped her meticulous perseverance in the business world. "What is personal is often universal," is the committed goal that makes Bou Cou so remarkable, and it is why each handmade product is "both unique and universally appealing."  Using a mix of eye-catching gems, rare baubles, and antique trinkets, Becka creates innovative pieces that are pleasing to every woman. High-end fashionistas are bewitched by the decadent chandelier earrings; where the rockers respect the fortitude of the salvaged bullet charm; and the nature lovers are drawn to the suede trims and brass hardware. Regardless of personal aesthetic, everyone loves how easy the jewelry can be layered for a luxurious, striking effect. Bou Cou infuses your self-esteem by "encouraging pride in individuality."  The looks are chic and attention-grabbing, and extremely versatile too!  


Melynda's side note: I love the creative, fun, funky, one-of-a-kind jewelry from Bou Cou. I have several pieces, and I always get compliments on them! They are great conversation starters because everyone wants to know where to get one!

Musse & Cloud

Musse & Cloud is a genuine leather footwear line established in "quality craftsmanship and everyday comfort," created and constructed in Spain.  Established in Valencia, the Mediterranean surroundings contributes as an infinite source of perpetual influence, while "curiosity, travels and love for the natural world help round out each collection's narrative."  Since inception, Musse & Cloud has had two core beliefs- artisanship and functionality- and after 70 years in the industry, they have made a name from themselves for their continued dedication to this core philosophy. Working along side thier local fabrication community, they create a balance between revolutionary techniques and traditional craftsmanship that can be seen and felt in each pair shoes from Musse & Cloud. Design and innovative methods unite to produce a solution for everyday necessities. 

(Musse & Cloud sandals)


Melynda's side note: I've never been a "slide" (sandal) type of girl. But then I met this gal- Leila.

We had a photo shoot last year, and I begrudgingly put them for the pictures... by the end of the shoot, I bought those slides, and since then, I have bought 2 more pairs! For me to not be a "slide" wearer, I absolutely worship these! They are classy and go with everything, but it's the comfort of walking on a cloud all day that really puts these shoes on the list for me!

Molly Bracken

Molly Bracken is a French brand with impressions from vintage references; a feminine wardrobe with a throwback style for certain trendy pieces.  Founded by Julian and Catherine Sidonio in 2008, they drew inspiration from pictures of Julian's grandmother, Molly Bracken, from the '20s in Ireland as well as their 25 years in the fashion industry. The Sidonio's intention of capturing the spirit of this strong, feminine, authentic Irish women is seen in the sequins and lace, tulle and knits in a mix of boho and vintage classic looks. Over the last 12 years, Molly Bracken has launched several sister companies including the Mini Molly line, a collection for little girls from 4 to 14 years old. This dazzling and playful collection for girls has matching looks for Moms too! 


(Mini Glowing in Coral Dress and Denim Venom Jumpsuit)

(Tangled Up in Blue Dress and Mini Pretty Petunia Dress)

(Boss Babe Blazer and Watermelon Money Pants)


Melynda's Side Note: We are so pleased to introduce this line to CFB not only for the matching Mommy & Me line, but for the beautiful patterns, the classic silhouettes, and the affordability! These pieces have been snatched up as soon as they hit the floor! They're fun and flirty, but classy and chic!  A brand that intends to live up to its image: glamour, feminine and trendy.




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