Brands We Love

Article published at: Mar 19, 2021 Article author: Melynda Hensley
Brands We Love
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Here at Cage-Free, the perfect brand is one that offers a whole lot of style with an equal dose of value and functionality.  The three brands we feature here fully embody the branding that we adore and want to share with you. 


(Sorel Ella II Sandal- also comes in black and white)


Founded in 1962, Sorel started with top-quality boots and blossomed into "a brand dedicated to both functionality and fashion." Sorel combines professional artistry and modern design to create footwear for all seasons, and they defy the standards "by creating unexpected footwear that pushes the boundaries of fuction-first fashion." One of the reasons we love them is their mission statement: "We believe you are your most powerful tool and the determination you find within is in an unstoppable force. We stay in motion so you can push yourself forward." Hell Yeah!! Here are 5 more reasons: 1) Highly Fashionable- no matter which ones you get, be prepared to get lots of compliments on them! 2) Functional 3) Comfortable 4) Waterproof- most, if not all, of their boots are waterproof! 5) Comes in a variety of different colors and styles- boots, wedges, sneakers, sandals and slides.... Be sure to come into CFB to check out our Sorel selection!

(Sorel Lennox Lace Boots- on Sale $148)

Blanc Noir


Our newest addition to Cage-Free is Blanc Noir, who identifies with four main principals: comfort, mobility, versatility, and a classic style for the busy, modern lady.  Made for the gal on the go, they offer a sophisticated selection of active wear to help round out your contemporary wardrobe. Currently, we have two pieces from Blanc Noir (with more on the way): the Getaway Jogger and the Infinity Top. The joggers are "cozy and comfortable" and paired with sneakers and an oversized tee for your athletically-inspired outfit. The active tops have been designed with "a fitted silhouette," and the Infinity top is seamless with body contouring texture and mesh ventilation. Your workout gear just got an upgrade! 

( Infinity Top )






(Kee Tote in the color Saddle)

Starting out in a small Danish town in 2013, Day&Mood has been creating handmade bags and wallets from their trademark buttery, soft-quality leather, and now, they have departments in New York City and Los Angeles. They incorporate "Scandinavian minimalism with a chic bohemian vibe" while using creative practices and a purposeful approach in every aspect of production. Not only do they produce high-quality bags, where each bag is handmade and no two bags are the same, CFB stands behind their motto: "Live a Little." Just a little reminder that "you are the one in control of your life." Day&Mood encourages this message with every design because every creation they make is "perfectly unique. Just like you." So drop in and check out all our Day&Mood bags and wallets; you definitely won't regret it! 


(Malou Maxi Crossbody in Light Mocca for $98)



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