Brand Sustainability

Article published at: Apr 19, 2022 Article author: Melynda Hensley
Brand Sustainability
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 Earth Day is this Friday, April 22! On behalf of Mother Nature, I'd like to discuss the environmental impact of three of our major brands we carry at Cage-Free. 



"We build it, wear it, and live it ourselves."

In 2020, Sorel completed their 3rd year of disclosing greenhouse gas emissions are committed to reducing their manufacturing emissions by 30% to reach the 2030 climate target.  In 2021,  84% of all SOREL styles included at least one eco-conscious element; two key elements are leather from an LWG-certified tannery
and PFC-free waterproof finishes. (LWG= 
Leather Working Group, a non-profit organization responsible for the world’s leading environmental certification for the leather manufacturing industry). Proudly, they do not use real fur or down in any of their products, and starting this Spring, they will be introducing vegan sneakers. As part of the Responsible Packaging Initiative, Sorel pledges to use no plastics in their packaging as well as only using 100% recycled material for their shoe boxes. 
Their biggest strength is in their design of quality and longevity- making shoes have an extended life reduces the environmental impact! Their shoes have always been functional, efficient and equipped with useful tricks that support the consumer's daily life. Sorel know how to make an excellent product, inside and out!
Kut from the Kloth


"From sourcing and design to manufacturing and shipping, we aim to preserve all of the Earth's precious resources." -Kut from the Kloth

The safekeeping of the environment is important to Kut from the Kloth, and for them, sustainable fashion isn't just a trend- it's a calling! Kut is on a simple but substantial mission- to grow their "clean, premium denim production." Recently, they have upgraded some of their styles to be Earth-friendly by using recycled materials like water bottles. By integrating this practice in, Kut is helping to improve air quality, clear landfills, conserve energy, and save water. Also, they utilize eflow technology, which uses air from the atmosphere thus reducing water, products and energy. They eliminate toxic design processes by working with advanced machinery and reproducing ozone gas conditions, giving their garments the classic, vintage look. These endeavors are just the beginning of their long-term plan of optimizing their ecological impact in all areas of business. 


Gigi Pip Hats


"Creating 'ethically made' products are not only a goal of Gigi Pip, but a standard by which we believe all businesses should operate."

 Is your outfit even complete without a hat? Gigi Pip hats are made to last a lifetime and classically stylish to go with everything! Gigi Pip is very transparent with the materials that are used in each hat as well as the hand-picked sources of the hat's origins. Their materials are obtained globally like wool from Australia and straw from South America, and provide jobs for people in and out of the US. Gigi Pip believes in fair labor in all aspects of production by regularly checking on each factory and ensuring top quality not only for their products, but for their employees too! 







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