Brand Highlight: Sorel

Article published at: Feb 18, 2022 Article author: Melynda Hensley
Brand Highlight: Sorel
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If you have ever been in Cage Free Boutique, then you know one of our favorite shoe brands is Sorel, where performance meets panache.  Sorel fuses expert craftsmanship and contemporary design to create footwear for all seasons. Founded in 1962 in Portland, Oregon, the company started with a premium boot is now a brand committed to both function and fashion, or as they like to say, "Creating powerful footwear for unstoppable individuals." 

And how could you not love this brand? They're comfortable, real leather, and waterproof!! At Sorel, they understand that you can't always predict the weather, but you can control your preparedness for that surprise forecast. With essential elements like the seam-sealed waterproof technology, maximum traction, insulation, and other amazing features, your feet will definitely appreciate the support (hahaha!) And if you live in Rabun with the constant onslaught of surprise rain showers, then you're gonna love these shoes!



Ok, so you're hooked on Sorel... but what is this company's background? What do they STAND for? (hahaha! Pun-y)

Here's a few of their "core beliefs" in this awesome business: 

"We’re committed to investing in and supporting initiatives to make this world a better place – now and for future generations. We believe that individuals are our strongest asset and together, one step at a time, we’ll do our part in creating a more sustainable and accepting world for everyone."
Well.... that's something you can get behind! 
Also, they make "eco-considered choices" in production to minimize their impact on the environment. In everything Sorel makes, they consider how decisions today affect our environment tomorrow. This concept means "looking at design considerations across the full spectrum of a product’s life from the material choices, to the packaging it is shipped in and the resources and mechanisms used to create it, as well as the longevity of the product and what happens to the product at the end of its useful life."
Who doesn't love the environment and want to help keep Mother Nature looking good? 
Also, Sorel is a proud supporter of Self Enhancement, Inc (SEI), a Portland, Oregon charity in alliance with schools, families and other community organizations who guide and support underprivileged youth to realize their full potential. They donate their product to Dress for Success, a non-profit organization, in their mission of "empowering women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life." Additionally, Sorel supports Project Lemonade, Two Ten and World Vision. Moreover, they match employee donations to non-profits on addressing racial and social justice. 
Who doesn't love a company who gives back to the community and society? 
And these are just a few of the reasons we adore Sorel! And we know you're gonna love them too! Be sure to check them out online, or you can always come into the store, we would love to help you find your perfect "sole"-mate! We have several pairs that are on sale, so it's the best time to "swing" on in! And while you're here, you might as well check out the new Sorel shoes that just arrived! If you're like me, you may end up leaving with a couple of pairs! You won't regret it! 


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