Clover & Birch's Toy Care Kit

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You spend a great deal of time choosing safe and natural toys for your children to play with, so it's important that what you use to care for these toys also meets the same requirements.

Our Wooden Toy Care Kit includes everything that you need to clean, buff, and polish your wooden toys!

This Set Includes:

- Keep It Clean - Toy Cleaner

- Make It Shine - Toy Polish

- One Sanding Block


For our Keep It Clean - Toy Cleaner, we begin with organic distilled white vinegar and add peels from various organic citrus fruits including lemons, oranges, grapefruit, and limes. Each batch steeps for several weeks as it absorbs the wonderful citrus aromas and oils.

Make It Shine - Toy Polish is created with beeswax from local bee keepers and custom blended with organic coconut oil.


Use on any of your favorite wooden pieces!

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